Thank you for your trust in Dr. Bryson and his staff during the recommendations and restrictions of the COVID-19 outbreak. Because our office is considered a healthcare facility, we will remain open and continue to treat patients. However, if you need to shelter in place due to exposure or illness, or you would just feel better about rescheduling your appointment for a few weeks out, please call or text us at 512-250-9799.
For all those patients who continue to receive treatment, please be assured that we are maintaining the highest cleanliness standards, with disinfecting happening between all patient visits. Additionally, to abide with Social Distancing recommendations, we may contact you before your appointment to adjust your appointment time to avoid having too many patients in our waiting room at the same time.

 We appreciate your patience and flexibility with us as we navigate these daily changes to our world. If our office is required to close in future days, we will contact you directly to reschedule your appointment.

 Please call/text us at 512-250-9799 for any daily updates or questions. Wishing you all health, safety, and a speedy return to normal life.

Dr. Bryson, Kellie and Jill

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Flatten the Curve!

Have you heard that phrase in the news lately? Here is a computer simulation that shows the effects of different steps we can take to limit the spread of COVID-19 and how they flatten the curve. This article is fairly easy to read and the graphics are great.


It really helps to have a visual representation of how it works. even relatively young children may understand why we are sheltering in place when they see the animations with the dots. Cool science project!

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This month's Newsletter ​is on Pulling Weeds, Not Your Back.

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