Chiropractic Treatment in Austin, Texas

​Physical Therapy

Your treatment may include exercises and stretches, therapeutic deep tissue work, stability training, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and other therapy techniques. Each patient gets an individualized treatment plan and learns important ways to get and stay healthy.

​Chiropractic and Kinesiology

Chiropractic doctors are health care providers that use a drug-free, hands-on, holistic approach to obtain and maintain good health. We use non-surgical, non-invasive procedures to correct the effects of poor health, illness, injuries, and posture. Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms. Kinesiology includes: biomechanics and orthopedics; strength and conditioning; sport psychology; physical therapy and rehabilitation; and sports and exercise.

Dr. Jeremy T. Bryson


Austin Kinesiology and Chiropractic

Sports Therapy

Whether you are suffering from a sports injury or looking to improve your fitness or performance, chiropractic can help. We can analyze your current condition or fitness level and  come up with a personalized plan to help you accomplish your goals. You can achieve your peak potential.


We really are what we eat. Proper nutrition can help us fight illness and inflammation. It can help us to heal more quickly and completely. Eating healthy, whole foods and using good quality supplements add quality to our lives.

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